Jamur Zoysia sod grass

Named for the renowned plant breeder Jack Murray, JaMur Zoysia’s medium texture and attractive blue-green color is the perfect choice for high visibility and high traffic applications JaMur Zoysia sod grass is considered a much-improved replacement for the El Toro, Meyer, Palisades, Crown cultivars, and St. Augustine varieties.  It is the ideal choice for residential and commercial sites, as well as a golf course rough selection.  JaMur Zoysia sod grass has great shade, drought and cold tolerances.  The density of the turf, coupled with an extensive rhizome & root system, give JaMur Zoysia sod grass excellent drought recovery characteristics.

Battle Sod Farm is a licensed seller of JaMur Zoysia sod grass in MS and TN.  Our JaMur Zoysia sod grass is grown in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

At Battle Sod Farm, we are proud of our agricultural heritage, and strive to be good stewards of the land, while producing the best possible zoysia sod grass.

We use an IPM (integrated pest management) system combining precise fertility, irrigation, and cultivation practices to minimize the use of pesticides, herbicides and to avoid fertilizer runoff. We use state of the art methods and equipment to efficiently produce the highest quality grass available.